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Cala de Bou, 7 February 2007


This edition of The Ibiza Sun is the 7th edition of the 7th year of the existence of The Ibiza Sun & it comes out on the 7th of February which also happens to be my 50th Birthday! A lot has happened in these 7 years during which I have written & compiled nearly 80% of every single issue & it seems like only yesterday that it all started.

Lots of people have helped out along the way & have been part of the team all contributing to the paper to make it what it is today. However, apart from myself, those that have been there from the start & have been an inspiration & guidance to me when things have not always gone as planned are my wife Espe & the fantastic “2 Old Rockers”, Brian & Di Whetton. I cannot thank them enough for their support & help.

Several advertisers have stood by the paper from the beginning & they too deserve a massive thankyou as do all those advertisers who are currently advertising in this issue of the paper. No free paper can survive without a good advertising base & The Ibiza Sun has always had the support of a strong nucleous of advertisers & we hope we have been of some service to them & have helped their businesses prosper by advertising with The Ibiza Sun.

7 years is a long time & is a magical, significant number. I think I can recall from the Bible that their were 7 good years of harvest & 7 of drought. Marriages are always said to run into problem after or during the 7th year when one of the partners gets the “itch”. 7 is also my lucky number & it is maybe that which made me realise at around midnight on the day we go to press with this issue that I was getting the “itch” after being “married” to The Ibiza Sun for 7 years!

After leaving the office this afternoon, I began to ponder on the fact that, after 7 years I am still writing the same news as when I started. To me it seams that the headlines are the same but just the names or locations change. Bigger sums of money are involved & finance similar, but perhaps bigger, more impressive & in some cases, possibly disastrous, projects, which I have reported on a weekly basis throughout 7 years. The same or perhaps worse crime stories reappear & the same economic news is released often appearing to “cannily” be more buoyant as the elections loom on the horizon!

The problem is that whilst I report on the “wheels of progress going round & round”, it seems to me that Ibiza is not going anywhere fast & neither am I. Taking in so much information each week, which is needed to produce The Ibiza Sun &, having to absorb the negative energy that it produces, is not healthy, neither physically or mentally, & to be truthful I’m getting bored of it! I believe the only way any of us are going to change the world we live in for the better, which includes Ibiza & Formentera, is by changing ourselves first & not by trying to change other people!

As a “long march starts with the first step”, I’ve decided to start to practice what I’ve just “preached” in these last few words I’ve written & dedicate my time to trying to improve my life in a way that is positive for me so that all those I love & care for can also benefit in some way. Unfortunately, for the time being this will not include writing any more editions of The Ibiza Sun Newspaper. This is the last edition of The Ibiza Sun for the moment but, perhaps as they say in Spain, it’s not goodbye but just “hasta la vista”.

The office will remain open during our normal office hours for the rest of this month to deal with accounts & bureaucratic matters whilst we wind down the operation so feel free to contact us during the office hours advertised in this edition of the paper.

Once More, thanks to you all for your support & kindness over the years.


Chris Langley alias “Big Ed”


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