Christopher Langley Kirke  - The Plan of excellence of Cala de Bou


Cala de Bou,  9 May 2011


When the Plan of excellence of Cala de Bou was announced, I and many in the tourism sector were excited by the concept of making the main street of the tourist area of Cala de Bou into a boulevard almost free of traffic. It seemed to us to be a good idea as did the embellishment of the Es Calo and Cala de Bou street so that tourists and residents could enjoy walking in beautiful surroundings along the three miles of this tourist area. The creation of parking areas, gardens, recreational zones and socio-cultural and sports facilities appeared to be guaranteed to improve and sustain the tourism industry in Cala de Bou giving us an opportunity to promote this area as a resort for better quality tourism.

While the concepts of the Plan of excellence of Cala de Bou have always been good, the implementation has been disastrous. I suspect the plan was "kidnapped" by the former council in Sant Josep in conjunction with the director of the project who appeared to insist on unnecessarily using designs and materials for the construction of the boulevard which were very expensive in relation to the funds available and were impractical and almost impossible to be used by the constructors.

After the last election the council in Sant Josep changed. At first we were confident that the new mayor, Mr. Josep Marí Ribas, would redirect the Plan of Excellence on the right track because he was one of the politicians who started the concept of the Plan for Excellence and was familiar with the design and initial objectives the authorities "sold" to the commercial sector, residents and tourist industry in the area at a meeting at the Hotel Pinet Playa.

Sadly, in my opinion, this has not been the case and I think the present council has changed the concept of the Plan of excellence and made changes and modifications arbitrarily without consultation with the sectors concerned thus leaving one of the main tourist areas of Sant Josep in a sorry state. It is not enough to quickly paint the walls of the flower beds especially when it is done so quickly and badly that you can still see spots of graffiti under the paint. What has been done so far has been more of a "botched up" than a Plan of excellence.

I and many people who live and work in the area support what Vicente Portas said in his recent letter to the press called "Groucho Marx campaigning in Cala de Bou." We deserve a proper road surfaces & paving along the Es Calo & Cala de Bou street as well as along all the streets and roads in the area. We need more safety and cleanliness. We think it is possible that one day the authorities should carry out proper maintenance of the tourist area all year round. But the most important is that, before politicians from all parties announce more projects in the area of Cala de Bou funded by public money (our taxes), they give a priority to completing the Plan of Excellence of Cala de Bou so that it resembles the computer simulated pictures they showed us at the time of announcing the plan which is what we wanted and voted for but not what exists today!


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