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First thing every morning I turn on the bathroom faucet and let it run,
while a scrum of thirsty kittehs gathers.
If I ever get a fourth cat, I'll need a bigger sink.




Lola, at about six months — she was rather cross-eyed as a kitten!


Despite all the big soft sofas around my house, Lola prefers to nap
with her chubby bulk squeezed into the top of the kitty toy box.




Tiffy at about 3 months — it took her a while to grow into those ears!


I like modifying photos to make them look "painterly",
in this case adding a gouache-like effect to a portrait of Tiffy,
whose beautiful calico coat is well suited to the effect.




Mimi, at about three months, doing that coquettish head-tilt thing she does so well.


Mimi, peeking like an owl out of the four-level cat tower that hangs from the door of the Cat Room.
Classy print, eh? — I think it's made from Joan Collins' recycled panties.


Last picture found in camera of man killed in collision with oncoming monorail kitteh.


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