Juan Manuel Grijalvo - Apostilla a "Una Derrota del Sentido Común", de Luis Jar Torre

(La pérdida del acorazado HMS "Captain" en aguas gallegas)


Expresiones inglesas:

"Admiralty Chief Surveyor": Inspector Jefe del Almirantazgo

"Approved", sino con el circunloquio "Not objected to": "Aprobado", sino con el circunloquio "No se expresan objeciones".

"not quite happy about her stability": precioso "understatement" que podríamos traducir como "no del todo feliz sobre su estabilidad".



"OVAF": Oficina de Valoración y Adiestramiento a Flote.


Conclusiones del Consejo de Guerra:

Her Majesty's Ship Captain capsized in the morning of 7 September 1870 by pressure of wind assisted by the heave of the sea and that the sail carried at the time, regard being had to the force of the wind and state of the sea, was insufficient to have endangered a ship with a proper amount of stability. The Court, before separating, find in their duty to record the conviction they entertain that the Captain was built in deference to public opinion expressed in Parliament and through other channels, and in opposition to the views and opinion of the Controller, and his department, and that the evidence all tends to show that they generally disapproved of their construction. It further appears in evidence that before the Captain was received from the contractors, a gross departure from her original design had been committed, whereby her draught of water had increased about two feet and her freeboard was diminished to a corresponding extent, and that her stability proved to be dangerously small, combined with an area of sail under these circumstances excessive. The Court deeply regrets that if these facts were dully know and appreciated, they were not communicated to the officer in command of the ship, or that, if otherwise, the ship was allowed to be employed in the ordinary service of the Fleet before they had been ascertained by calculation and experience.


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