Christopher Langley Kirke - All year flights from the UK to Ibiza

Sant Antoni, April 2, 2004


A rumour has come to the attention of The Ibiza Sun, that GB Airways, even before beginning their summer schedule have dropped their plans to run flights all year round. If these reports turn out to be correct, it is very bad news for all of us on the island as the Consell Island Government have pumped money into help GB Airways launch these flights with the hope that they will continue in the winter, even though they apparently had no firm promise from GB Airways that this would be the case. It makes very little sense for the Consell to help GB Airways with publicity and promotion if they are going to fly direct to the island only in the summer. It is the winter flights the island needs and the taxpayers' money should go towards this end rather than helping start more summer flights which would sell for themselves anyway without any help from the Consell or the island's hotel owners!

Even if at a later date this rumour about GB Airways not flying in winter direct to the UK turns out to be untrue, The Ibiza Sun newspaper has, by popular request, begun a campaign to try and persuade the airlines that there is a need for such flights. Published in this week's edition, and in future editions, is a form for you the readers to fill in and take part in our campaign. Please fill it in and drop it into our office or send to us by mail, by fax or give it to one of our reps. Our address and fax number is on the classified page. We have also placed an online form asking for all year round regular direct flights between the UK and Ibiza on our website, so tell all your friends and relatives about it.

Whilst the winter flight situation looks as though it is going to be a desperate situation unless The Ibiza Sun can persuade the airlines that there is sufficient demand for flights all year round, the summer flight situation looks better than ever! Air Berlin are going to start a daily direct low cost flight to Stanstead from Ibiza on the 1st April. This service will be added to the other flights Air Berlin operates between the island and Vienna, Salzburg and Linz. On top of this Easy Jet have now started two daily flights to Stanstead and will be adding a third flight to London from the 1st July. What we need now is that The Ibiza Sun and the authorities can persuade one of these companies to keep the service going all year round! Keep sending the flight petition forms in!

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