Patrick H. Wynne - Caturday Pics - 4 - Hyooman-Feline Interakshyun



Me and Lola


Always attack from the rear, especially when dealing with Vikings.


Cat toys may come and go, but Daddy's feet are always fun to maul.


"I  <3  chin scratches."


— "Surprize! Wile u waz owt we had teh locks chaynged! HA ha!!!" — with Lola and Mimi.


Awww, my widdle pussums loves me so!

Jeez, invade my personal space much, Mr. Clingy-Pants?


You forgot to buy tuna.  AGAIN.



Me and Mimi


GUILT TRIP  -  Daddy drinks because you shed.


Dis iz mah imitayshun of yoo:

"Blah blah blah MIMI NO blah blah BAD CAT blah blah blah..."



Me and Tiffy


Where I Write — okay Merrilee, your turn! (Photo by Jenna.)


"Tru Lurve".


Somebody was feeling a little clingy tonight...  (Hint: it wasn't me).



Kitteh smooches make a stressful day all better!


"Hey, waitaminnit… if _you're_ standing over there holding the camera, then who the hell's hand is THIS?!?" — with ?!? and Tiffy.


Smelling ur Finger  -  Not nearly as fun as u seem to think, akshully


This is Tiffy's preferred mode of being held: tummy to tummy.

Attempts to vary this result in non-passive resistance and application of Mercurochrome.

(Photo by Brian Wynne)


U iz totally gettin a wattle.

Sometimes it's a good thing we don't know what our cats are thinking...



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